DSC® carbon

The Applications.

DSC® carbon is a not stainless damascus steel, with traditional applications. It is characterized above all by a good cutting edge, very fine structure, as well as its high hardness. This pure weld-bonded steel achieves a high degree of hardness after quenching and reacts with low distortion when heat-treated.
The connections of the welded layers of steel do not separate during further reshaping or burr removal - manufacturing safety can be guaranteed. Because of the positive blade steel properties and safety that is important in production and processing, this damascus steel is particularly suitable for industrial production use.

You will find detailed information on working and processing as well as heat treatment and the etching process here: Productinformation (PDF).


The Quality.

We have been manufacturing DSC® carbon for over 25 years. You benefit from a well-proven product in the composite-steels-segment and many years of our experience. This composite is produced from two tried and tested power steels in the patented DSC Damascus Superclean process and consists of 160 layers. Other layer numbers and material combinations are possible on request. Our unique process is characterized by particularly fine and pure steel connections without any inclusions.

The Characteristics.

- Easy processing
- Very fine steel structure
- Manufacturing safety
- Embossing is possible
- High cut resistance
- high degree of hardness after quenching

The Patterns.

Layered Damascus polished
Roll Damascus (embossed) polished
Large rhombi (embossedpolished
Large pyramide (embossedpolished
Small roses (embossedpolished
Leopardskin (embossedpolished
Ferus (embossedpolished
Herringbone (embossedpolished
Torsion Damascus polished 

Special Applications.

Whether for kitchen-, pocket- or razor-knives, DSC® carbon is suitable for numerous everyday applications and behaves inconspicuously during hot forming. Even during massive deformations in the drop forging process, the layers remain connected without faults.
Your individual ideas are always the first priority in the implementation of your projects - a production according to customer-specific specifications is possible. The number of layers and material combinations can be adapted, please contact us - we manufacture DSC® carbon according to your wishes. Contact