Spirograph-Damascus - Torsion

material combination N690(1.4528)/Nitro-B(1.4916-nitrogen-alloyed)

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DSC® stainless, damascus plate forged in pattern "Spirograph", softened and ground flat.
Consisting of the materials Böhler N690 (1.4528) and Buderus nitro-B (1.4916-nitrogen-alloyed)!

This damascus is forged in two variants.
1. Is light with dark thin lines.
. Is dark with bright thin lines.

This photo shows the bright damask with dark lines.
Heating: curing in inert gas, vacuum or film at 1050-1080 degrees. Holding time at temperature for 15 minutes. Quenching in air. Annealing for 2 hours at 190-200 ° C.

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