Leo-Damast® IV

640 Layers, annealed and ground flat.

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This non-stainless Damascus steel consists of the gun barrel steel from Leo-I tanks, tool steel, bearing steel and cold work tool steel from a total of 640 layers. The plate is annealed, ground flat, while slightly etched.
With proper heat treatment, the use of this steel hardness is about 63HRC is therefore harder than glass. Hardening in a vacuum or inert gas at 850 degrees. Retention time to 5 minutes. Cooling according to an oil hardening. For the conversion of rest austenit parts can be carried out a freezing at -90 degrees, or tempering at 140 ° C. Next, a tempering process at 150 ° C should be in order to start and the non-tempered martensite (in the freezing or first tempering transformed austenite).